Collaborative effort transforms Plaisance housing estate wall

Collaborative effort transforms Plaisance housing estate wall
Collaborative effort transforms Plaisance housing estate wall

Africa-Press – Seychelles. A collaborative effort between the Property Management Corporation, art students, district administrators, and local artists culminated in the creation of a vibrant mural adorning the boundary wall of the ‘Dan Kan’ housing estate in Plaisance.

Communications manager at Property Management Corporation (PMC), Phillipa Larue emphasised the significance of the project, considering the continuous defacement of the wall with graffiti and obscenities despite PMC’s efforts to paint the wall several times.

“This is a community-based activity and it is very positive for the community. And PMC ends up with a beautiful wall, with children who have participated, which is very symbolic. It also echoes the values that we would like to see in our housing estates, love and respect,” Ms Larue remarked.

After painting over the obscenities last week, PMC was on Saturday joined by district administrators Claudette Louise from Les Mamelles and Mary-Anne Florentine from Plaisance, along with students and faculty from the Seychelles Institute of Art and Design (Siad), residents from neighboring communities, and volunteers.

Ms Florentine urged residents to uphold respect for one another and the property, stressing the impact on younger generations exposed to inappropriate messages.

“This is our community and I urge you to think of the younger generations who were having to see these inappropriate messages. We already have a lot of ills in our society. We hope that they can keep it clean, and respect the positive messages,” she stated.

Among those contributing to the mural was Siad student Yann Dinan, whose depiction featured a young man spreading love with a spray paint can. Dinan expressed his enthusiasm for the project, highlighting its significance for the neighbourhood.

Additionally, renowned artist Robert Alexis, a resident of nearby Roche Caïman, joined forces with the authorities, emphasising the importance of community engagement and progress. Mr Alexi remarked on the value of giving back to the community through collaborative initiatives like the mural project.

The accompanying photos were taken by Kurtrine Albert.

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