Elections for SNYA’s 19th cohort underway

Elections for SNYA’s 19th cohort underway
Elections for SNYA’s 19th cohort underway

Africa-Press – Seychelles. The Seychelles National Youth Council (SNYC) is holding the elections for the 19th cohort of the Seychelles National Youth Assembly (SNYA).

Elections in secondary schools started on Monday and they are taking place at both state and private institutions. So far Mont Fleuri and Beau Vallon schools have been covered and yesterday the SNYC team was at Perseverance, Pointe Larue and Plaisance secondary schools.

Seychelles NATION turned up at the Perseverence secondary school at around 8.30am and observed a long queue of voters ready to cast their votes. The school had four candidates – three boys and one girl – nervously waiting on their fellow students to make their decision. Similar to last year, students from 14 to 17 years were able to vote.

Janetta Ally, who is the coordinator of the SNYA, said she was satisfied with the process so far.

“I am so far very satisfied with the way the election has been going, and I am hoping that this coming cohort can do great things like our previous one.”

Two eager candidates who wanted to remain anonymous spoke about their hopes and aspiration for this election with one among the three boys saying “I chose to put my candidacy because I want to make a difference and stand by all my promises to the school.”

If elected he wants to work on a project to provide the school with a basket and volleyball court.

The only girl who decided to place her name in the race also outlined her own plans. “My goal is to ensure my school is perceived in a better light, as people are always associating the Perseverance secondary school with violence, claiming our students are always fighting. I hope to change that perspective,” she said.

Elections at the Plaisance secondary school had attracted two candidates who were also eager to share their interesting experience.

Francesco said if elected, his main task would be firstly to push for renovation of the school, turning it into a conducive environment for learning.

This was echoed by his opponent, Trisha. “I am very confident in myself, I am not a person that likes to make half promises which is why I am confident that if I were to win this election I will be able to steer our school in good direction.”

Trisha also wants to turn the school into a fun and comfortable place, attractive to the students.

Chief executive of SNYC, Albert Duncan, has also expressed satisfaction at the election process stating the team learned from last year’s mistakes and came better prepared this year.

Tomorrow elections will take place at four schools namely Anse Boileau, Anse Royale, International School and Vijay International School. It will be the turn of Belonie secondary on Monday, followed by Praslin secondary, English River, La Digue and Independent School on Tuesday March 5, and Ecole Francaise des Seychelles on March 8.

Kassey Govinden

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