Modern renovation of the State House

Modern renovation of the State House
Modern renovation of the State House

Africa-Press – Seychelles. Recently on the page of the ‘State House’ on the social network, we learned that there are at this moment some renovation works at the ‘State House’. The works concern rather the panels around the building.

The State House is synonymous with the history of Victoria and the Seychelles as a whole. This majestic building which is also a national monument was otherwise called the ‘Government House’.

The building was designed and built in 1910 by William Marshall Vaudin who was the son of the civil chaplain Adolphus Vaudin. The two-story porticos adorned with white pillars are characteristic of the Edwardian splendor of this era, the design of the building reflects the aesthetics of the colonial architecture that prevailed then in the “tropical” British Empire.

State House was inhabited for the first time by William Edward Davidson (1859-1923), the second governor of Seychelles.

In total, 16 governors and one president – James Mancham – have lived in this majestic house.

In 1977, the building is now used as the official office of the president and hosts all presidential activities.

Recently we also saw the change in the gardens surrounding the State House with local flowers and rare plants.

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