Seychelles’ authorities offering reward for info on suspected gas attacks

Seychelles' authorities offering reward for info on suspected gas attacks
Seychelles' authorities offering reward for info on suspected gas attacks

Africa-Press – Seychelles. Seychelles celebrated Chinese Language Day through a cultural event with the participation of students from the Chinese language programme of the Seychelles Tourism Academy (STA) on Wednesday.

Held in the presence of staff, students of the STA, and the Confucius Institute at the University of Seychelles (UniSey), the event featured various activities, such as the singing of Chinese songs, a Taiji demonstration, calligraphy and Chinese dances, among others.

The event was organised by the Chinese Embassy in Seychelles, along with the STA and the Confucius Institute, to commemorate the Chinese Language Day, which is observed annually on April 20.

Jianmei Zhang, the new director of the Confucius Institute, said, “I feel extremely honoured to gather together with you on this special event. Chinese Language Day is a significant moment to inherit and promote Chinese culture, as well as a grand occasion for us to learn and communicate together, just as the theme of the event 2024 indicates: “Chinese Language: Connecting Cultures through the Bridge of Mutual Learning.””The Confucius Institute at Unisey is committed to promoting Chinese education, facilitating cultural exchanges between China and Seychelles, and cultivating talents with an international perspective and a deep understanding of Chinese culture. Through our efforts, we hope to help more Seychellois, especially the youth, understand and love Chinese, making it a bridge leading to a larger world and a brighter future,” added the director.

She thanked the STA not only for its full support for the activity but also for six years of sincere collaboration since 2018 as one of the most important partners and largest teaching site of the Confucius Institute at UniSey with more than 200 students learning Chinese each year.

The director of the STA, Terrence Max, explained that Mandarin, one of the many Chinese languages, has been part of the curriculum at the academy since 2019.

“During the first year, our learners have the opportunity to learn the very basic component of the Chinese language,” said Max.

He added that in the second year, students learn about words and phrases that relate specifically to their respective programmes at the school, such as restaurant and bar, and wellness and spa.

“The learners do not only learn the language but there is also the exchange of cultures. We are involved in various activities, be it educational or cultural, such as the spring festival and the Chinese Bridge competition,” added Max.

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