Book Review: It’s Called 24


Thank you for your interest in my 2nd book which will change lives in 2020. And thank you for any opportunity to highlight my project again. As a descendant of Sierra Leone, I am honored to once-again share my story with you as my family. Based on the #1 Question asked of Dr. Adrienne, an award-winning global health informaticist & humanitarian, It’s Called 24 shares practical & proven time management guidance that is non-forgiving. Brace yourself for true examples! This book is blunt & somewhat satirical, yet powerful. Whether for daily living, one’s career, parenting, sportsmanship, achieving goals, or means of social acumen, there are only 24 hours in each day. Here is guidance towards utilizing it wisely. Habitually manifest the abundance & purpose you desire and deserve!

Learn how to (re)focus, not let others waste your precious time, productivity & habits, decision-making, trying vs. doing, productivity vs. spontaneity, limiting distractions, & understanding your overall relationship with time. “Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days.” – Zig Ziglar


We are all different. Yet, are we really? Our realities are dignified in our perceptions of what we desire…what we need…and the usual fulfillments we often seek. Or, is it really? Such commonalities within our pursuits of purpose and the hope of success are pressurized by so many variables which influence us. But, can we see it?

There is a true elephant in the room that I will now take the time to address. There is a necessity of rawness that is needed to outline what those perceptions and variables are. There is an abundance of social traditions and habits that are drifting us away from such purpose and success. Are you aware? Do you understand that besides change, there is only one other magnificent element of our aura that has so much power to enable our desires: that of time?

Let’s be real. People waste time. Let’s be blunt. People waste time. Let’s be clear. People waste time. Let’s be honest. Wasting time is often the reason we are not where we hope to be, when we hope to be there. Wasting time is often the reason we are not manifesting in our blessings and abundance the way we ultimately wish to. Wasting time is often the reason we miss opportunities or are forever playing catch-up, often.

It’s Called 24 is a tool that can help with changing one’s mindset towards the availability of time (there is enough of it), the use of time (there is enough of it), the prioritization of time (there is enough of it), and the results that can come from better valuing it (so you will enjoy enough of it).


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