Office of Chief Minister trashes allegation


The attention of the Office of the Chief Minister has been drawn to an alleged community squabble in Hamilton allegedly involving Rev. Reuben Shyllon, a body guard of Mrs. Josephine Jackson, (Parliamentary aspirant for constituency 110) and other community enthusiasts over a simple matter that could have been amicably resolved. In the course of the unsavoury incident, the Chief Minister was evidently out of the shores of the Republic of Sierra Leone and only returned on the night of 3rd January, 2019.

The false news making the rounds in social media and other platforms that the Chief Minister allegedly ordered the arrest of Rev. Shyllon for an infinitesimal community issue is simply illogical, ill motivated, unfounded, vexatious and a deliberate ploy to reduce the invaluable role of Chief Minister in governance of the state at this crucial moment in our country’s history. The Office of the Chief Minister contacted Mrs. Josephine Jackson on the mischievous allegations and categorically denied giving orders to the Police for the arrest of anybody or group of persons on the order of the Chief Minister as falsely circulated.

The Office of the Chief Minister wishes to remind the public that the Chief Minister is not the Inspector General of Police. In law or otherwise, he does not direct or order the arrest and detention of any person or group of persons for whatever reason. The Sierra Leone Police is the only independent institution with statutory and constitutional mandates to effect arrests within the bounds of the law. The claim making the rounds that Rev. Shyllon was arrested due to “orders from above” are reminiscent of the old order and has no place in the New Direction Government of His Excellency, Rtd. Brigadier, Dr. Julius Maada Bio.

The Office of the Chief Minister is encouraged by the swift intervention of the Sierra Leone Police in handling the squabble in Hamilton and kindly urges them to be diligent and professional in their investigation and thus, swiftly bring before the law, those allegedly involved in the breach of the peace of the Hamilton Community. The public is encouraged to contact the Sierra Leone Police on the facts of the matter.


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