Celebrating 100 years of the Comrades Marathon in pictures



A gala event marking 100 years since the first Comrades Marathon hosted on 24 May 1921, was hosted at the Comrades Marathon House in Pietermaritzburg today.

Among the guests were former Comrades winners living in South Africa, male Comrades Quadruple Green Number holders who have completed 40 or more Comrades, and female Triple Green Number runners who have completed more than 30 editions of The Ultimate Human Race. CMA Elders, former Chairpersons, current CMA Board and Staff members, members of the Race Organising Committee, current sponsors, representatives of the Official Comrades Charities, were also present

CMA Chairperson, Cheryl Winn, said the Comrades owed its origins primarily to the inspiration and tireless efforts of a humble railroad engine driver and soldier, Vic Clapham. He returned from the war with the vision of staging a living memorial to the suffering, loss of life, spirit, fortitude and camaraderie of the soldiers with whom he had shared the devastation of World War I.

“A significant aspect of the day is recalling the brave early pioneers – some of whom completed the distance unofficially when the race was restricted exclusively to white males; our winners, heroes and record-breakers who have consistently inspired us with ever-improving competitive performances; and we will celebrate the so-called ‘ordinary runners’ for whom there is nothing at all that is ‘ordinary’, and who embody the spirit of grit, determination, camaraderie, hope and humanity upon with the Comrades Marathon was founded,” she said.



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