Embattled Magashule consults Mbeki and Motlanthe about step aside rule

Embattled Magashule consults Mbeki and Motlanthe about step aside rule
Embattled Magashule consults Mbeki and Motlanthe about step aside rule

Africa-PressSouth-Africa. Johannesburg – ANC Secretary-General Ace Magashule met with former President Thabo Mbeki and ex-Deputy President Motlanthe on Friday.

This is part of the step aside resolution consultations that he has been undertaking throughout 30 days as prescribed by the NEC resolution.

“Great engagements I had today with President Mbeki and Deputy President Motlanthe,” said Magashule in a Tweet.

Magashule also posted pictures of himself and the former leaders after their meeting.

Friday was the last day for the submissions of the step aside resolution, the National Working Committee will meet on Monday and the NEC next weekend to further discuss the next steps to be taken.

Magashule and many other ANC senior leaders are under pressure to step aside since they are facing criminal charges.

ANC national spokesperson Pule said Magashule has met the former leaders as part of consultations. He indicated that it was important that the party follows all necessary steps before decisions can be made.

“I know for instance that there’s been engagements with provincial chairpersons and provincial secretaries. There have been a number of activities the SG is on record saying he will be meeting senior leaders , we have seen meetings he held with former Treasurer-General Mathews Phosa, former President Jacob Zuma.We will get a fuller brief on all the work that has happened in an intervening period,” said Mabe.

“What is important is that the ANC is given the space to carry out all these undertakings in a manner that unites the organisation. The ANC can never celebrate or rejoice having to ask some of its members to be out there and not be able to perform or fulfill positions that they have been elected into.

“The organisation has desires of instilling and enforcing a sense of a moral character there are certain decisions that are taken which might not be easy decisions that is why when it goes into all those decisions it has got to take everyone on board. Make sure that those impacted by the decisions to understand why the decision have been taken, if we do not do that we could be self-liquidating,” said Mabe.



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