KZN Class of 2020 scores 77.6% pass rate

KZN Class of 2020 scores 77.6% pass rate
KZN Class of 2020 scores 77.6% pass rate

Africa-PressSouth-Africa. THE CLASS of Matric 2020 in KwaZulu-Natal has scored a collective pass rate of 77.6%.

Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga officially released the National Senior Certificate (NSC) results during a virtual sitting earlier today.

Nationally, the Class of 2020 achieved an overall pass rate of 76.2%, a decline of 5.1% from the record pass of 81.3% last year.

Motshekga noted that the number of passes, Bachelor’s pass, diploma and higher certificates had increased across the board.

“A total of 177 435 distinctions were also obtained. This is an increase of 13.1%. The main contributors towards passes with distinctions were KwaZulu-Natal, Gauteng, the Western Cape, Eastern Cape and Limpopo,” she said.

Ugu was named the leading district with an 81.7% pass rate.

Motshekga said it was a pity that the 80% pass mark was missed but she appreciated the unquestionable resilience that the school community had shown against a devastating pandemic, and had managed to achieve a creditable 76.2% national pass.

“The high quality passes we have achieved this year, especially the number of Bachelor and diploma passes, the overall pass mark, and the passes with distinctions, even in critical subjects, are the hallmarks of the performance of the Class of 2020.

“We are of the strong view that, had it not been for the Covid-19 pandemic, the Class of 2020 could have been the best performers since the inception of the National Senior Certificate,” she said.

Motshekga said she was proud of the Class of 2020, which had persevered against such monumental challenges.

She said the Class of 2020 had characterised the resilience of the system, which withstood an unprecedented test of administering an exam of the largest number of candidates, faced by the worst pandemic in human history.

“In celebrating the great achievements of the Class of 2020, we must also thank the principals, teachers, support staff, and parents for the work they continue to do. Schools are at the coalface of basic education delivery.

“What you do at the school level is what matters the most. The future of our learners, and the prosperity of our nation, is in our hands. We applaud you for the great work you continue to do on a daily basis,” Motshekga said.



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