Municipal officials are ‘soft targets’ when it comes to violence and attacks – Salga

Municipal officials are 'soft targets' when it comes to violence and attacks - Salga
Municipal officials are 'soft targets' when it comes to violence and attacks - Salga

Africa-Press – South-Africa. He denounced the level of protection offered to councillors and municipal managers following the abduction of Nkangala District Municipality manager Maggie Skhosana and her driver Gugu Mtsweni, who have since been found.

The two women were snatched from the district offices in Middelburg a week ago. They were allegedly held hostage in a room for over a week before they were dumped unharmed on the side of the N14 in Diepsloot on Wednesday.

Joel told News24 that there was a lack of protection for local government officials and that this needed urgent attention.

While the motive behind the abductions is still unknown, Joel weighed in on reasons why municipal employees and councillors were at risk of being attacked.

Among the scenarios he mentioned were whistleblowing, doing the right thing even if it meant going against their colleague, and competition over positions.

On Friday, thanksgiving prayers were held at the Nkangala District Municipality following the return of Skhosana and Mthweni.

This gathering happened before the media briefing by Mayor Leah Mabuza.

Mabuza said she and the municipality were grateful for the safe return of the two women.

“We know many women who have not been found alive, young children who have been abducted but not found alive. We are so lucky for the mercy of God that we could find Maggie Skhosana and Gugu Mtsweni alive.”

Mabuza said police investigations would reveal the motives behind the crime.

“We are really anxious to know what could have been the motive for kidnapping a woman who is physically challenged.”

Mabuza said she would give Skhosana time to recover before returning to work.

In the meantime, the chief financial officer would act in her position.

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