Nelson Mandela Day a reminder SA’s problems ‘are not insurmountable’, can be overcome – Ramaphosa

Nelson Mandela Day a reminder SA's problems 'are not insurmountable', can be overcome - Ramaphosa
Nelson Mandela Day a reminder SA's problems 'are not insurmountable', can be overcome - Ramaphosa

Africa-Press – South-Africa. As South Africa stares down an energy crisis, violent crime and the impact of the global pandemic, Nelson Mandela Day serves as a reminder that none of the country’s problems are insurmountable, says President Cyril Ramaphosa.

In his weekly newsletter, the president reflected on Nelson Mandela Day, saying the commemoration comes at a “difficult time for our country”.

“We are in the midst of an energy crisis that is causing great hardship. A spate of violent crimes is heightening fear and insecurity in communities. Even as our economy is recovering from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, poverty and unemployment is taking a heavy toll on millions who are struggling to make ends meet. Corruption has eaten away at our nation’s soul and has severely eroded the social compact between the state and citizens,” said Ramaphosa.

“Nelson Mandela Day is an opportunity to remember that these problems, like so many we have faced before, are not insurmountable. They can be overcome,” he added.

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Let’s recommit to upholding Mandela’s values and to rebuilding SA

Nelson Mandela Day takes place annually on 18 July, the late statesman’s birthday. Mandela called on South Africans to dedicate 67 minutes on the day to doing good works, serving others and making a difference in communities.

The president added:

Ramaphosa said the day was an opportunity to “recommit ourselves to upholding the values Madiba stood for”.

He added that South Africans shared a common responsibility for nation-building.

“At times when the state has faltered, it has been civil society that has reminded us of our obligation to advance the ideals for which Madiba and generations of freedom fighters made such sacrifices,” the president said.

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Mr President, on this Mandela Day, please tell us Eskom 2.0 was a joke

“Building a better South Africa requires each and every one of us to make a contribution in whatever way we can. Defending our democracy begins with individual acts, like joining a community policing forum, volunteering at a charity or a shelter, reporting crime, or refusing to pay a bribe.”

He called on South Africans to work together and “make our country a winning nation”.

“We cannot leave it to others to realise the South Africa of our dreams. The future of our country is indeed in our hands,” Ramaphosa said.

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