Residents demand removal of alleged paedophile lawyer Theo Hartzenberg

Residents demand removal of alleged paedophile lawyer Theo Hartzenberg
Residents demand removal of alleged paedophile lawyer Theo Hartzenberg

Africa-PressSouth-Africa. Cape Town – Bonteheuwel residents are threatening to demonstrate outside the home where alleged paedophile lawyer Theo Hartzenberg is said to be staying. They want him immediately moved from of the community.

Upset community leaders and activists from Bonteheuwel say they will move Hartzenberg out of the community themselves if the government does not urgently relocate him themselves.

Hartzenberg recently made headlines when he was arrested by police for allegedly soliciting sex from minors and exploiting them at Muizenberg beach.

According to NPA spokesperson Eric Ntabazalila, following his arrest, Hartzenberg appeared in court and was granted R10 000 bail with strict bail conditions that he not enter the Muizenberg jurisdiction, hands over his passport and has to notify the Investigating officer if he intends to travel outside of Cape Town.

His case was postponed to July 15, 2021, for further investigation.

Resident and community Activist Deborah Ruiters said: “It’s disgusting to think our community is okay for someone like him to come take refuge in. We have children and vulnerable people living here. Why would the government agree to put them at risk like that?

“We do not appreciate being the afterthought. He does not belong here nor does anyone who sees fit to abuse our children in such a vile manner. The Cape Flats is riddled with many issues already without the government having to add more. He needs to leave now or we will protest outside the house he’ll live in once we find out which it is and we will,” said Ruiters.

Another resident and community activist in the area Soraya Salie said the community was disappointed with the government for granting Hartzenberg bail in the first place instead of remanding him in jail until his due date in court.

Salie said: “Bonteheuwel is not a place for paedophiles and we will speak up and out against it. We stand with the victims and not that perpetrator. He is not welcome in our community. We should have to be adding things to fear, we want him gone.”

Meanwhile, the community’s councillor Angus Mckenzie has written to the president asking him to urgently intervene.

In the letter, Mckenzie said residents had already begun to feel uneasy about Hartzenberg’s arrival in the community and had begun to wonder what that meant for their children and vulnerable neighbours.

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