Senior Zulu royal calls for ’separate meeting to discuss important issues’

Senior Zulu royal calls for ’separate meeting to discuss important issues’
Senior Zulu royal calls for ’separate meeting to discuss important issues’

Africa-PressSouth-Africa. Nongoma – As the succession crisis within the Zulu royal house deepens, one of the senior princess in the royal court has called an urgent “separate meeting to discuss important issues.”

Wheelchair-bound Princess Thembi Ndlovu (nee Zulu), a sister of the late King Goodwill Zwelithini is heard in a leaked voice note telling other members of the royal family that the fact that they are all within Nongoma to mourn the passing away of Queen Regent, Mantfombi Dlamini-Zulu, it presents them with an opportunity to meet.

The voice note was apparently sent to a selected few on Saturday morning, but it ended landing on the laps of the other royal faction backing the late Dlamini-Zulu and the heir apparent, American educated Prince Misuzulu, 47.

While the royal house is grieving, the princess told them that on Sunday they should come out in their numbers and go to Khangela Palace which is situated along the road between Nongoma and Pongola to mourn the passing of Dlamini-Zulu.

From there they would have their meeting and the agenda should not be leaked to anyone.

“I plead with you to come out in numbers as previously planned, tomorrow let us meet at Khangela (palace) to mourn. Thereafter, on the sidelines, we will then meet and discuss issues to take us forward. I plead with Ndabas (Zulu royals) to notify others, there are some important matters that we have to address during this time and this is the right time as all of us are here (in Nongoma) following the bereavement at Khangelamankengane (Khangela place). In that regard, please be prepared and prepare your minds for this,” the princess says in the voice note.

Attempts to contact Prince Mbonisi, a senior royal who has always been on the side of the princess since mid-March this year when their faction first showed its face, failed as his phone rang unanswered.

The latest meeting comes as the Zulu monarch has been thrown into turmoil after it emerged late on Saturday that the first wife of the late king, Queen Sibongile Dlamini, who he married in 1969, has dashed to court to challenge the whole succession plan and the will that left all powers with the late Dlamini-Zulu (they are not related as Sibongile is a Dlamini from Nongoma while Dlamini-Zulu is from the monarch of Eswatini).

Essentially, Dlamini wants all the traditional marriages of the king that followed after her marriage to be nullified and give the regent power to her as the only legally recognised wife.

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