Zuma is out for revenge and has nothing to lose

Zuma is out for revenge and has nothing to lose
Zuma is out for revenge and has nothing to lose

Africa-Press – South-Africa. One of the big election stories has been the Jacob Zuma factor and his uMkhonto weSizwe Party.

According to polls and by-election results, the party has outshone parties such as the EFF and the IFP.In this episode of the Sunday Times Politics Weekly we explain and hopefully demystify the Zuma/MKP phenomenon in our politics, and how it might impact our body politic after May 29.

Our guests this time are Sanusha Naidu, senior research associate with the Institute for Global Dialogue, and Susan Booysen, visiting Wits professor.We hear on the podcast that Zuma feels wronged by corruption allegations against him and is out for revenge against his successor President Cyril Ramaphosa.

Booysen tells us the MKP is a revenge party that will wreak havoc on the ANC, and it could damage it much more than it has so far. Booysen explains which parties the MKP is taking votes from, and if polls and by-elections are good predictors of the May 29 election outcome.

Naidu says Zuma’s purpose is about vindicating himself because he did not finish his second term as president. On the party’s court battles with the IEC, Naidu says, “I get the sense we’ll have to deal with security now more than ever before in this election.”

There are a lot more interesting perspectives from our expert panel who are hosted by Sunday Times deputy editor Mike Siluma. Listen and share your views.

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