13 teachers detained over salary dispute

13 teachers detained over salary dispute
13 teachers detained over salary dispute

Africa-Press – South-Sudan. Over a dozen teachers from Lakes State have allegedly been detained by security forces over pay dispute with government.

The City Review understands that 13 teachers were rounded off by the military in the state capital, Rumbek after they staged a protest demanding full payment of their salaries.

According to a source who spoke to City Review on condition of anonymity, the teachers were met by shock to learn that the government did not execute a 2021 order by President Salva Kiir to increase teacher’s pay by 100 per cent.

“Salaries have been paid through the old stricter payroll,” said our source.

“When they discovered that the money was less, they decided to demand full pay – the 100 per cent raise that the president announced last year in July. That is when the Minister of Education ordered for their arrest,” added our source.

Nelson Makoi, the Minister for Education did not respond to our question neither did he deny that the teachers have been arrested.

According to global partnership, there are about 26,000 registered primary school teachers in South Sudan, 18,000 of which are currently on government payroll. Only about 4,000 of these teachers are qualified.

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