Africa-PressSouth-Sudan. It is like some government officials are applying two sets of laws in this country. Why, just the other day Uganda and South Sudan waived visa fees for the citizens of

the two sisterly countries coming in and going out or for stay. There is an immigration place in Gumbo which has become notorious by arresting foreigners

mostly Ugandans. Yesterday about 25 people male and female were arrested in a make-up operation by officers on drummed up charges among them being in the

country without valid visa. This an indication of the understanding of these officers that they may not be following current affairs that is happening and

were action on assumption or ignorance. Whichever of the two cannot be allowed or tolerated since it is painting a dark image of all security forces which

should not be the case. Some people do not know how to differentiate security personnel and who is a police or who is from immigration or city council. There

should public order and announcements on what the government had passed to be done which seems to be lacking among those still carrying out the raid on foreigners

who have been exempted from visa requirements. Time and again the top notch of the immigration department have cautioned and warned officers to desist from

harassing foreigners but some still apply the tactic of survival by creating petty cases just to earn some little money from their victims. The visa waiver is on for Kenyans and Ugandans living and

or working in the country. Likewise South Sudanese in the two countries. They should be able to report to the higher authorities if and when confronted by visa issues unless they are facing some

other unrelated charges far away from that. The authorities should ensure that only people with proper understanding of protocol were assigned duties that are of importance to the country.


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