EU agrees to fund extended transitional government

EU agrees to fund extended transitional government
EU agrees to fund extended transitional government

Africa-Press – South-Sudan. The European Union said its member countries will mobilize funds to support the extended transitional government in implementing the remaining benchmarks of the 2018 peace accord.

The bloc’s head of Mission in Juba, Ambassador Christian Bader, made the remarks after meeting Cabinet Minister Martin Elia Lomuro, on Monday.

“We are confident that the resources will be mobilized, and we will all be asked to participate in the process and this is if the resources can be mobilized by the ministry of finance at the right time,” he told the media.

Early this month, parties to the 2018 peace accord resolved to stay in power for the next 24 months, until December 2024, where elections are expected to usher in a new government.

The peace signatories justified, that the two-year extension is an opportunity to implement the critical pending tasks in the agreement, and avoid taking the country into a catastrophic election.

However, the decision to extend the timeline of the transitional period was protested by the Troika countries, who expressed concerns over exclusive process.

Diplomats from the US, UK, and Norway boycotted the peace implementation roadmap meeting at the Freedom Hall, saying all relevant parties have not been consulted on the matter.

In a joint statement addressed to President Salva Kiir, the foreign missions urged for the inclusion of all signatories to the agreement.

Some political parties, civil society groups and members of the public also fumed over the decision as a ploy by the unity government to extend its rule without legitimacy.

But, President Salva Kiir and his first deputy Dr. Riek Machar argued that the two-year extension of the interim period is only to give time for implementation of the pending chapters in the agreement.

Meanwhile, speaking on the national broadcaster, SSBC this week, Ambassador Bader said the delays in the peace implementation were understandable, adding that an extension was also inevitable.

The diplomat also urged stakeholders to the peace agreement to recommit themselves to fulfilling their mandate.

“We just expect all the stakeholders to be serious about it, and according to what I heard from the minister, the commitment is there,” he said.

Speaking alongside Bader, Presidential Affairs Minister, Dr. Martin Elia Lomuro said the government’s crafted roadmap, is to guide the country towards a peaceful post-interim period.

“The roadmap was developed to renew the commitment of the government to implement (the remaining part of the peace agreement).

“It is the only document that will move this country forwards towards elections. So, while we touched on this issue, as you hear from the (EU) ambassador, they are supportive of the roadmap.”

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