Gov’t urges citizens to conserve nature

Gov’t urges citizens to conserve nature
Gov’t urges citizens to conserve nature

Africa-PressSouth-Sudan. The Ministry of Wildlife Conservation and Tourism has urged all the citizens of the country to learn how to conserve wild animals which entered the country from the

neighbouring countries. Speaking to Juba Monitor on Wednesday, the Ministerfor Wildlife Conservation and Tourism Rizik Zakaria Hassan said that most of the South Sudan neighboring countries were

fully relying on tourism while South Sudan had the resources for tourism hence all citizens should learn from that. “We should take the example from our neighbors because the neighbouring countries are

fully relying on tourism and now, we have the resources, so there is need to protect them,” said Hassan. He stressed that citizens should acknowledge that

the country had rare animal species and the opportunity to maintain the uniqueness in terms of the breeds in the country if citizens could stop being enemies to wildlife.

The Minister added that the country had all the resources which could form a tourist attraction phenomenon apart from the wild animals. He revealed that South Sudan had the world’s second largest number of animal migration

after the one in Kenya where animals travelled across Boma and Bandingilo Parks in Eastern Equatoria in search of greener pasture. He said that the country had been given an opportunity by nature and if it was managed

properly, it could open opportunities for tourism which would strengthen the country’s economy. The Minister stated that they had deployed their forces in specific key areas in the country to monitor the movement of the wild animals. He said that they would control wild animals and solve issues related to human attacks by wild animals.


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