IDPs decry lack of water, poor sanitation in Juba UN PoC

IDPs decry lack of water, poor sanitation in Juba UN PoC
IDPs decry lack of water, poor sanitation in Juba UN PoC

Africa-PressSouth-Sudan. The internally displaced persons (IDPs) sheltering at the UN Protection of the Civilian site in Juba are calling on the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) to improve sanitation in the camp by providing clean water.

The IDPs claim the UN has stopped supplying water in the camps and the toilets are insufficient for the population, making life more difficult for them.

“We lack many things in this camp; we don’t have toilets, we don’t have water, and our children now move outside the camp to fetch water from the trenches. If we die in this UN compound in Juba because of the issue of water yet we have the River Nile water flowing freely here in Juba, who is to blame? We are suffering because of the lack of water in this camp, and we are continuing to suffer from situations caused by men in this country,” Camp chairperson Nyakoang Chuol Deng told Radio Tamazuj.

Deng Nhial Chuol, who also lives at the Juba PoC said, “The issue of water is a challenge, there is no water and we don’t know what is happening because the lack of water and food in the camp will likely cause a lot of diseases in the camp. Even if you walk around the camp now the toilets look just like a cattle camp, there is no order.”

Meanwhile, a Youth Forum representative in the Juba PoC, Bor Gai, said, “This is a concern to everyone in the camp because if there is no water, the sanitation is not good, So there will be a lot of problems that come with it. Right now, there are a lot of theft cases outside the camp and these come as a result of lack of water because our girls and mothers fetch water outside the camp.”

Early last month, the World Food Program (WFP) announced plans to stop food distribution to internally displaced persons living in three UN Protections of Civilian Sites in Juba, Bor, and Wau due to a shortage of funding.


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