Installation of Zain network excites Aweil East residents

Installation of Zain network excites Aweil East residents
Installation of Zain network excites Aweil East residents

Africa-Press – South-Sudan. Residents of Akong village in Malualbaai payam of Aweil East County were thrilled on seeing materials for the installation of Zain network in the area.

The area Chief Garang Madut narrated how residents had waited for ages to get the mobile network into the area bordering Twic county of Warrap State.

He said the equipment installation work started with excavation of soil heaps.

“We have the materials in place and that is why we are speaking about the good development that is reaching us since days immemorial,” said Madut.

According to the chief, the mobile network presence will improve health and security.

Deng Dau Akot, a youth leader, said presence of Zain network will help them reach out to the county and state authorities when anything sensitive unfolds.

“Even when cattle theft happens at the border here and the cow is caught in the hand of an individual, we have to notify the concerned authorities,” he stated.

Akot said similar installation of the mobile telecom network occurred at Peth-Lou, signifying development of the area, even though the network is not operating.

Residents say the mobile network will ease communication and reduce insecurity.

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