Maban residents displaced by the escalating violence


Thousands of Maban residents are forced to leave their home by the escalating violence between Sudan’s People Liberation Army In-Opposition (SPLA-IO) and groups identified to be civilians.

Office of the UN world Food program as it is burned down in Maban (photo credit: courtesy image) According to earlier reports, the fight broke out in the beginning of last month after a misunderstanding over relief items between an SPLA-IO officer and a civilian in the area of Liang.

At least 6 people were killed, and 9 others were injured since the stand-off began over a month ago, according to authorities. The Maban county acting commissioner Stephen Tachin Ngoka said that the tension remains high in the area. “From December 2020 till now, the tension remains high in Maban. Civilians get killed as they go to their farms.

SPLA-IO forces chased away civilians from the Kanyagi area. Those forces moved on, invading the areas of Liang, Danyagi, and Yawagi, which is just one kilometer from Bunj town, and then moved on to the Dangguden area,” Stephen Tachin Ngoka, said on Tuesday. Stephen Tachin expressed his fears that the number has grown up from the previous assessment number of 12,900.

“In our assessment last year, over 12,900 people stay in the open under trees without food. But since the displacement continued and because of the January 6 clashes, the number must have doubled. All the areas I mentioned have been deserted.

The majority of the displaced now live in the areas of Doro and Gatmala,” he added. He appealed to the national government to intervene by beefing up security to pave the way for humanitarian intervention.

The areas national legislative assembly, David Onyo Demey, decried the deteriorating situation in the county and warned of an ‘ethnic cleansing’ if the government fails to intervene. “SPLA-IO forces are using heavy weapons against civilians.

Media reports that SPLA-IO forces are fighting government troops are not true. We want an intervention. If the government does not intervene my people will be eliminated by the IO. Now, over 3,000 households have been displaced.” he said.


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