Machar divided us along ethnic lines, Gatwech says

Machar divided us along ethnic lines, Gatwech says
Machar divided us along ethnic lines, Gatwech says

Africa-Press – South-Sudan. The self-imposed leader of the main armed opposition SPLM-IO Kitgwang faction Gen. Simon Gatwech Dual has claimed that First Vice President Dr. Riek Machar Teny has divided the people of South Sudan along ethnic lines.

In a statement marking one year since the split of the SPLM-IO in which Gatwech announced attempt to remove Machar as leader of the main armed opposition group, Gatwech congratulated his forces for deposing Machar who he accused of dividing the people along ethnic lines.

“On behalf of the SPLM/A IO Kitgwang and on my behalf, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the SPLM/A IO Kitgwang mighty forces and our fellow citizens of South Sudan for this historic event,” Gatwech said.

“Today is the day our mighty forces and entire SPLM/SPLA IO said no to continuation of leadership of Dr. Riek Machar Teny that has divided our people on ethnic lines,” he added.

“Since the independent of Sudan in January 1956 and subsequent separation of South Sudan in July 2011, our people never rested, our fellow citizens of South Sudan have been victims of bad leadership, that is why the SPLM/A IO Kitgwang stands in solidarity with the people of South Sudan and we are urging the region and the world to restore security and order back in the Country.

“The SPLM/A IO Kitgwang upholds its full support and commitment to the Revitalized Agreement on the Resolution of Conflict in South Sudan (R ARCSS) as a mean to transfer power peacefully to the people and to bring about tranquility in the Country if honestly implemented, but equally reject any talks about extension of the Transitional Period.

“Categorically, the SPLM IO Kitgwang would also like to seize this opportunity to affirm the call for a renewed dialogue that would be inclusive of all the stakeholders of peace and frankly involve the international community and friends of the Republic of South Sudan who are toiling to bring peace and stability for the people of South Sudan.

“The people of South Sudan are tired of being held hostage by individuals and party interest that befall South Sudan since cradle.”

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