South Sudan-China economic agreement tabled in parliament

South Sudan-China economic agreement tabled in parliament
South Sudan-China economic agreement tabled in parliament

Africa-Press – South-Sudan. An economic and cooperation agreement between the governments of South Sudan and China was on Monday tabled before the Transitional National Legislative Assembly (TNLA).

The agreement which aims at enhancing friendship between the two countries and to develop trade and is titled ‘The agreement on Economic, Trade Technical Cooperation’ was tabled by Justice and Constitutional Affairs Minister Ruben Madol.

The minister explained that the agreement follows President Salva Kiir’s visit to China for the Forum on China–Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) Summit, saying the agreement paves the way for the new era and recognition of the One Belt and One Road Initiative to boost trade relations between the two countries.

“During the first China -Africa Economic and Trade Expo in Changsha where all the commodities for exhibitions from South Sudan were granted limited permission just only for the expo, during which there was a huge demand for South Sudanese products such as sesame, honey, and Gum Arabic,” Marol said.

According to the Justice Minister, in the one-year economic agreement, South Sudan will benefit as small-scale producers will have access to the Chinese market.

He said the agreement which has 9 articles provides that both parties shall grant each other the most favoured nation treatment concerning tariffs, duties, customs procedures, and other duties and charges among others.

“The provision of Article 3 shall not apply to the profits, privileges or immunities that both contracting parties have granted or may grant to neighboring countries that have acquired facilitation for broader trade of goods or any third countries that have formed a customs union of a free trade area,” he explained.

Furthermore, the agreement provides for the cooperation of both parties to encourage and promote projects in the fields of trade, engineering, industry, agriculture, animal husbandry, and technology.

“The contracting parties shall endeavor to expand bilateral trade, and encourage the training and exchange of experts,” Justice Madol stated.

After the presentation of the agreement to the House, Permino Awecrial Aluong, the second deputy speaker of the TNLA, committed the document to the trade committee to scrutinize and report after two weeks.

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