South Sudanese stunned by unique date of Pope’s arrival

South Sudanese stunned by unique date of Pope’s arrival
South Sudanese stunned by unique date of Pope’s arrival

Africa-Press – South-Sudan. The arrival of the three global faith leaders at 3 PM on February 3, 2023, be it a coincident or planned combination of the schedule, is making a unique sense to South Sudanese Christians, some of whom liken the semblance with the Holly Trinity.

Lily Richard Kenyi, the Chairperson for Women League at the South Sudan Council of Churches says the coming of the pope and two other world religious leaders is “a blessing” to the country.

Lily said the visit of the Pope, the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Moderator-General of the Church of Scotland on such a special date is a manifestation of God’s love for South Sudan.

“We have to accept each other so that we can have lasting peace in our country. South Sudan is indeed blessed with the visit of the three religious’ leaders,” she said.

“They are three, they are coming on the 3rd of February, at three pm, in 2023, number three means a lot to Christians, also in Christianity we have in the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit, and at the end they are one. The three religious leaders are coming to South Sudan because of their love for this country and its people.”

Some social media users in the country were also puzzled by the schedule.

The 86-year-old-pontiff together with the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby and the Moderator-General of Scotland, the Right Rev Dr. Iain Greenshields are in DR Congo capital Kinshasa for the first leg of the Ecumenical visit to the war-torn African nations.

Early on Wednesday, an estimated one million people gathered for the open-air mass at N’dole airport, on the second day of the pontiff’s six-day visit to Africa.

Pope Francis, accompanied by nearly 1oo journalists from 12 countries will fly to South Sudan on Friday afternoon, this week.

Speaking on the Dawn Show on Wednesdayt, Lily Kenyi has appealed to South Sudanese to forgive one another, reconcile and embrace peace for the country to prosper.

“Our country is very blessed, let’s forgive one another, if you have a problem or disagreement with someone forgive them, regardless of how big the problem is, if you still have sins, anger or problem in your heart with some else it will be difficult for you to receive blessings of God.”

Pope’s schedules in Juba

On February 3, the pontiff with the Archbishop and the Moderator-General will meet and greet the presidency and foreign diplomats.

He will then retire to his Vatican residence while his accompanying delegation will be taken to Raddison Blu hotel late in the afternoon.

On February 4, the faith leaders will attend prayers in their respective denominations. The Pope will pray at Saint Theresa in Kator, the Archbishop of Canterbury will go to pray at All Saints Cathedral and the Moderator-General will go to the Presbyterian Church in Jebel.

After the morning prayers, they will meet internally displaced persons at Freedom Hall in the afternoon, before moving to Dr. John Garang Mausoleum for public prayers at 6 PM.

This is where tens of thousands of people are expected to gather for a glimpse of the Holy See.

In February 5, in the morning, people will also be assembling at the Mausoleum for a final mass, and after the mass, Pope Francis, together with the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Moderator-General of the Church of Scotland will be depart South Sudan.

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