VACCINE-States to roll out Johnson and Johnson

VACCINE-States to roll out Johnson and Johnson
VACCINE-States to roll out Johnson and Johnson

Africa-PressSouth-Sudan. The national Ministry of Health has announced the rollout of the Johnson and Johnson COVID-19 vaccine in the ten states and three administrative areas.

The single dose vaccine was launched in Juba late last week in the ongoing fight against the global pandemic that has already killed 130 people since April last year when it was

tested first in the country. Addressing news conference at the Public Health Emergency Operation Center yesterday, Dr. John Rumunu the Acting COVID-19 Incident Manager, called on the public to get vaccinated to

stop the spread of the COVID-19 global pandemic. “We want to advise the public, especially those who have not yet had their shots, to go and get the single dose vaccine. The national ministry of health has launched the Johnson

and Johnson vaccine, and from tomorrow states will start their vaccination,” he said yesterday. According to Dr. Rumunu, the positivity rate for every 500 people tested has dropped to one

percent, signaling a good fight against COVID-19. He also stated that there had been 237,275 tests performed in the country, out of which 12,114 were confirmed positive, 130 deaths and 11,617 recoveries.

South Sudan concluded administering 59,000 dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine last month. The doses, like the Johnson and Johnson vaccines, were donated through the global vaccine sharing initiative, COVAX. The Ministry of Health said Johnson and Johnson had a longer shelf life that would extend to next year.


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