VP Igga told to ‘confront’ Kiir for being ‘the biggest supporter of corruption’

VP Igga told to ‘confront’ Kiir for being ‘the biggest supporter of corruption’
VP Igga told to ‘confront’ Kiir for being ‘the biggest supporter of corruption’

Africa-PressSouth-Sudan. A local South Sudan activist is appealing to the country’s Vice-President for Economic Cluster James Wani Igga to stand up against President Salva Kiir Mayardit whom the activist has accused of being the country’s biggest supporter of corruption for failing to execute important recommendations including the firing of corrupt loyalists by committees meant to manage economic crisis in the country.

In August last year, President Kiir formed a committee head by Igga to give recommendations on how to fight the economic crisis in the country. The committee, dubbed as Economic Crisis Management Committee (ECMC), immediately recommended the suspension of the Director-General of Customs Service Major General Ayii Akol Madut, according to oil minister Puot Kang Chuol.

The committee also urged the immediate closure of illegal bank accounts opened in the name of the customs service. “The subcommittee recommends to H.E the President to suspend the director-general of customs [and that] all the counts opened illegally in any other banks by customs [service] should be closed with immediate effects by the president,” Puot said at the time.

However, none of the committee’s recommendations has been implemented by the South Sudanese president and now a prominent activist, Wani Michael, is blasting Igga for speaking out against corruption when his own recommendations to the president are not being looked at.

“Vice President Wani Igga should stop crying in public about corruption eating up government. He needs to confront his boss President Kiir who’s the biggest supporter of Corruption. President Kiir love protecting his corrupt cartels than prosecuting them,” Michael wrote on his Facebook page.

“The Economic cluster headed by Vice President Wani Igga recommended for the firing of the Custom boss but President Kiir sat on that report. He absolutely did nothing on such recommendations, how do you fight corruption in South Sudan when the Head of State and Government always love protecting cartels and corrupt officials around him,” he added. He said President Salva Kiir has “also went ahead to pardon those sentenced by our courts on corruption cases.”


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