Warrap state reviews state strategic plan

Warrap state reviews state strategic plan
Warrap state reviews state strategic plan

Africa-PressSouth-Sudan. A ten-day training organized by the national ministry of finance and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to review and streamline the Warrap State Strategic plan is underway in Kuajok’s Volcano Hotel.

More than 30 civil servants were drawn from all state ministries, independent commissions, developmental partners, and members of civil society organizations are attending the training that aims at aligning the

the state strategic plan to the national strategic framework for the next three years.

Arop Nuoi Arop is the Director of the Sectoral Plan, in the national ministry of finance and planning.

“The aim of being here is to facilitate the state strategic plan which will guide the state to identify her priorities and monitor other plans of partners. We have a national strategic framework that was developed from provisions of the peace agreement in 2018 and ended in 2021. So we need to review it so that we work using it until 2024. That is why we need each state to develop its document and align it to the national policy framework,” he said.

Nhial Mangong Mayardit, Warrap state acting director-general for the ministry of finance and planning said the strategic plan was developed by the state to set up priorities and ensure service delivery to the community.

He said the information they have been receiving since Wednesday last week will enhance performance in the various state institutions.

“We have been taught how to transform Warrap state in terms of development through strategic development plans. All director generals are here and the team who came from Juba brought very crucial information which will help us to do our work effectively in our institutions in the few days to come,” Mangong said.

Madut Abol Salva, one of the participants said, “We have come here from different ministries including UN agencies to present their plans so that it can be aligned to the state strategic plan and within these two days, it is a good workshop and we have gained knowledge which can help one in his or her office.”


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