Sudan to Train South Sudan Technical Engineers


South Sudan and Sudan have, at a three-day meeting between their two ministries, agreed to a draft deal in which Sudan will offer training services to South Sudanese technical engineers. The agreement serves to facilitate the development of oil management skills in South Sudan as well as resume production in key oil fields.

The agreement is motivated by both countries aiming to boost production in a bid to establish a post-COVID-19 and economic recovery.

“The technical meeting between the two petroleum ministries enabled an agreement on how to form a friendly relationship to make sure that we benefit from our resources,” stated Eng. Awow Daniel Chuang, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Petroleum, South Sudan.

“Sudan has long term and systematic training programs with special focus on oil production,” stated Dr. Hamid Suliman Hamid, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Energy and Mining, Sudan. “Additionally, the two countries will share the products.”


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