AI technology for smart homes

AI technology for smart homes
AI technology for smart homes

Africa-Press – Tanzania. Artificial Intelligence devices are becoming common in this advanced age of technology with various companies leveraging on this.

In the wake of smart homes, companies like LG Electonics and Samsung are working to ensure that you get to enjoy your smart home with AI devices and technology.

The SmartThings application for Samsung is the getaway to all your home automation dreams if you want a smart home.

Its ecosystem can be a bit complicated and you will see an array of different devices and kits from the website making it tough to know what you need and which things you choose.

The most essential piece of your equipment for your SmartThings system is a smart hub. The smart hub is the brain of the operation as it hooks everything and lets you control your smart devices from one app.

You can make a dozen of different scenes or rules that make a bunch of smart home things happen together. For instance, you can set up a routine then SmartThings can turn on the lights for you or put on a song to start your morning.

At this year’s CES event, Samsung unveiled the Freestyle screen, which is lightweight and portable giving you a cinema-quality experience no matter where you are.

Featuring AI enabled sound built-in streaming apps and a host of useful Smart TV accessibility features. Freestyle can be set up virtually anywhere and projects up to 100 inches.

They also have the Smart gaming hub that offers an all-in-one platform for discovering and playing cloud and console games.

In support of AI, LG have also come up with robots that will be deployed to do deliveries and housekeeping saving you the trouble of moving around and cleaning your house.

Its new washing machine has been fitted with enhanced AI DD technology that the new laundry pair can deliver customized performance that can sense load size, fabric type and the level of soiling of a clothing article, automatically adding the right amount of detergent and adjusting the wash style for optimized cleaning.

The AI technology also enables the appliance to learn the user’s laundry routine and preferences to deliver tailored drying options every time.

They also revealed the LG CLOi GuideBot. Ideal for conferences and retail spaces, the bot is made to direct guests and has a sizeable screen that can display advertising and navigate environments while directing guests.

It also houses speech recognition and touch interaction. Unveiled alongside it is the CLOi Serve Bot, capable of serving drinks and snacks to guests.

Just like Samung’s SmartThings app, ThinQ by LG allows you to check if your appliances are running properly and receive alerts for potential issues.

With AI technology in our smart homes, it will help us operate devices from one single source.

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