All divisions to obtain primary courts by 2025

All divisions to obtain primary courts by 2025
All divisions to obtain primary courts by 2025

Africa-Press – Tanzania. ALL administrative divisions in the country will have well manned and equipped primary courts by late 2025, accelerating dispensation of justice countrywide.

Geoffrey Pinda, the deputy minister for Constitution and Legal Affairs told the National Assembly yesterday during the question and answer session that the plan will be implemented in phases, with intent that all divisions are covered by end of 2025.
He was responding to questions from a number of MPs expressing concern on lack of courts in many divisions, hindering legal services for problem solving.
Deo Sanga (Makete) in a supplementary question claimed that residents in Ikuo division have to cover 120km to file a case or complaint at a primary court. The government has to build courts in Ikuo division also to be used by Kigalla and Mfumbi areas within the constituency, he stated.
The deputy minister admitted that many wards and divisions were yet to have courts, outlining the government’s strategy to be put to action during the coming financial year. Many wards and divisions will be getting courts, strengthening the provision and access to justice, he affirmed.
Boniphace Butondo (Kishapu) demanded a district court for Kishapu district, asserting that the primary court it how has was incapable of handing cases on a whole range of issues.
Pinda assuring the lawmaker that the government was implementing a plan to build courts in all divisions, in which case Kishapu will also be reached with the district courts part of the project.
In his basic question, Nashoni William (Kigoma South) asked for a district court in Uvinza as the area needs better legal services than what primary courts can offer, to which the deputy minister said the construction of the court was ongoing and is set for completion later next month.
Upon completion, the court will improve delivery of justice as people have to travel long distances for judicial services for a number of issues.
The deputy minister acknowledged that various courts lack space or buildings, saying it is a major challenge facing the judiciary. The government is making all possible efforts to sort out these shortages, he added.

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