Amana Bank to provide loans to CBE students

Amana Bank to provide loans to CBE students
Amana Bank to provide loans to CBE students

Africa-PressTanzania. THE College of Business Education (CBE) – Mwanza campus has entered a one year contract with Amana Bank for loans issuance to students.

The Campus’ Director, Mr Bwemelo Gordian said recently that the agreement aims at supporting needy students to proceed with studies without financial hiccups.

He said the programme will help students who pursue diploma and certificates to access loans easily since they are not allowed to seek loans from the Higher Education Students’ Loans Board (HESLB).

He reiterated that many students fail to achieve their academic goals due to lack of funding. He said 2,660 students applied to join the college this academic year but only 1,010 reported to the college.

“We realised that many students fail to report to the college due to lack of tuition fees and other needs,” he noted.

On his part, Amana Bank Mwanza Branch Manager, Mr Shaban Diwani commented that the Bank has been offering loans to students in various colleges of Mwanza region since 2019, with over 360m/- being spent so far.


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