Anna Bayi: Netball legend laid to rest

Anna Bayi: Netball legend laid to rest
Anna Bayi: Netball legend laid to rest

Africa-PressTanzania. THOUSANDS of grief stricken mourners on Saturday turned out at the burial of the fallen netball legend, Anna Bayi.

The late Anna was laid to rest at her Mkuza residence in Kibaha, Coast region on Saturday.

Mourners, including officials from government, sports bodies, sportsmen and women, relatives and friends bid farewell to Anna Bayi, the former Tanzania Amateur Netball Association ( Chaneta) chairperson, who died in a Dar es Salaam hospital mid this week.

The wife of 1500m Commonwealth record and 3,000m steeplechase silver medalist, Filbert Bayi, died after a short illness at Hindu Mandal Hospital on Wednesday.

The last respect was conducted at her Kibaha residence in Coast region after a requiem mass.
Born in 1959 in Same District of Kilimanjaro region, Anna chaired Chaneta from 2009 to 2013 before she retired from the post to perform other personal and community responsibilities.

She worked at National Sports Council (NSC) in the 1970’s as a member.

Anna married Filbert Bayi in 1977 and was blessed with four children.

She was such a caring and cheerful sportswoman.

During her life, she played netball at different levels for different clubs like Bandari and later became a coach for she was a hard worker.

Anna and her husband were running Nursery, Primary and Secondary schools at Kimara and Mkuza, Kibaha in Coast region.

Until her death, she was Filbert Bayi Schools (FBS) director.

She also pioneered development of sports at her schools from grassroots level, awarding scholarships to pupils and students with talents in sports, particularly netball and athletics.

Her schools also hosted several sporting events, local and international courses and tournaments.

Blessed with 10 grandchildren, Anna was also a member of KKKT Kimara and Mkuza choir groups.

She will be remembered for her tireless efforts to develop sports, netball in particular at international level.

During her netball leadership, she helped Tanzania to be promoted to the International Federation of Netball Associations (IFNA) ranking for the first time in history.


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