Council urges political parties to observe laws

Council urges political parties to observe laws
Council urges political parties to observe laws

Africa-Press – Tanzania. THE National Political Parties Council has commended President Samia Suluhu Hassan for expanding the democratic and civic space in Tanzania and called upon political parties to observe the rule of law to maintain peace and national unity.

The council has also called upon the Registrar of Political Parties to take tough actions against parties which contravene the law to allow smooth execution of the democratic actions in the country.

The council’s chairman Juma Ali Khatibu told reporters that during its seating held on August 1 this year in Dar es Salaam, the members came up with nine resolutions aimed at ensuring freedom, fair and dignity while maintaining peace in their operations.

He said the council which comprises members from all registered political parties also resolved that the government legal entities which have the mandate to oversee among other political parties’ operations must make close monitoring and control for maintaining peace and tranquility.

“The entities including registrar of political parties, police and the National Electoral Commission must enforce the laws since they are key to peaceful and democratic political platforms” he said.

Moreover, he said, in their resolutions, political parties have agreed to abide by and be guided to observe the laws of the land when dispensing their duties and actions to offenders.

Political party leaders should shy away from abusive, discriminatory, distorting, humiliative language to attain their political goals.

The Council also wants the political parties whose security groups wear uniforms that resemble those of the police and armed forces to stop the tendencies as some use them for a false mission thus endangering peace and national unity.

They also paid gratitude to President Samia for her decision to facilitate the Council to implement its duties effectively including increasing its budget for smooth operations and maximum support from the government.

Moreover, the Registrar of Political parties has been told to conduct a number of awareness training on rules and laws that govern political parties and the need to observe the rule of law for maintaining peace and national unity.

They also advised the religious institutions to base more on faith issues and should not turn the worship places into political platforms as per the laws.

They also wanted the government to fast track amendments of the laws governing political parties in order to cover the loopholes for enhancing multi-party democracy in the country.

Mr Khatibu said the Council will convene in Dar es Salaam from August 28-30th this year among others to discuss the political situation and come up with a statement.

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