Dar T-20 Cricket: It’s Lions vs Tamil Nadu today

Dar T-20 Cricket: It’s Lions vs Tamil Nadu today
Dar T-20 Cricket: It’s Lions vs Tamil Nadu today

Africa-PressTanzania. DC Gymkhana Cup 2021 resumes today with six teams to vie for the maximum points at Dar es Salaam Gymkhana Club oval.

Lions Cricket Club will step first into the ground to face Tamil Nadu Sports Club. The teams will be playing their first game as this year’s opener. The match will also decide who deserves to take the Group D helm.

Prior to this weekend other three groups had already played their matches and already, Agha Khan took lead in Group A while Dar Cricket Club (DCC) commanded the run at Group B. The top order of the group C are K&P Construction.

After the opening game of the day, Upanga Sports Club will be the next on arena to clash with their Group B leaders DCC. The encounter expects to be highly competitive as each team will be looking forward to win and command the group in terms of points.

If DCC win they will pocket four points and more runs so as to increase their chances of sealing a ticket for quarter finals.

The third and last game of the day will be between Patel Brotherhood against Dar Black Panthers. Both teams will be playing their first game of Group C.

The winners will raise tension in this group with likelihood to dethrone the current leaders, the K&P Constructions, but only if they register big number of runs.

At the end of the group stage the teams with more points will progress to quarterfinals.

Meanwhile, the Tanzania Cricket Association (TCA) Development Committee completed a one-week holiday camp in Chanika centre. The training camp began on January 3rd, this year.

According to the TCA Communication Officer, Atif Salim the camp has involved about 80 trainees.

“A total of 80 players were selected from each school; 40 boys and 40 girls who attended the cricket training under Coach Khalil Rehemtulla assisted by Development Officers Abubakar Selemani, Lucy Mayunga and Shedrack Michael.”


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