Govt hailed for helping investor to secure harvesting machines

Govt hailed for helping investor to secure harvesting machines
Govt hailed for helping investor to secure harvesting machines

Africa-PressTanzania. FARM Manager of Kibena Tea Company Michael Nyansembe has praised the government for support and facilitation to secure 16 tea harvesting machines, saying the support has demonstrated the government’s genuine determination to promote and increase investments in Tanzania.

Briefing business writers touring tea growing areas in the southern highlands of Tanzania on the company’s progress, the manager said it was increasingly becoming evident that the current government wanted to see a thriving industrial economy in Tanzania because “it is giving investors unreserved support to their initiatives.”

“Last season we fell short of our production target by 52 per cent. To increase production and quality of our produce, the company decided to increase harvesting machines from 1-16. We have secured these machines with government facilitation and support. In the end, these machines will improve the quality of Tanzanian tea as a whole,” he said.

The manager told reporters that worldwide investment money was hard to come by because investors made lots of considerations before releasing funds.

“DL Group of companies has chosen to invest heavily in Tanzania’s tea industry after weighing many options. One significant option is that Tanzania now has an attractive pro-investment environment. The government deserves to be congratulated on this position,” he said.

DL Group is based in Kenya, but owns tea estates and factories in Tanzania.

The manager said the government’s determination to build an industrial economy was now evident to investors partly because of the government’s decisive push to change the mind-set of civil servants so that they could consider investors as strategic agents of fast economic reforms that would boost economic growth, increase jobs for the youth and improve people’s lives as a whole.

He said Kibena Company had 730 hectares planted with tea, adding that in the 2020/21 season the company expected to harvest 11,000,000kg of tea.

“The company has added 300 more hectares this season,” he said.

Last week Mufindi-based Itona Tea Factory Engineer Basil Mhongole told reporters that the government was serious in implementing the national industrialisation agenda because it was supporting investors in implementing their projects.

He said the government had supported their company in securing machines valued at 10bn/-, thus adding value to Tanzanian tea and making it competitive in local and foreign markets.

Itona Tea Estates are also owned by DG Group of Companies. He congratulated the government on the steps it was taking to promote industrial investments, saying the machines the company had installed would not only add quality to Tanzanian tea, but would also increase the incomes of out-growers in host communities.


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