How fifth phase simplified service delivery to women

How fifth phase simplified service delivery to women
How fifth phase simplified service delivery to women

Africa-PressTanzania. THE administration of the fifth phase government successfully managed to strengthen good governance, rule of law and fight corruption which simplified service delivery to women, President Samia Suluhu Hassan has said.

The Head of State hinted that between 2015 and 2020 Tanzania has been ranked among the least corrupt countries both at global and regional level –thanks to the bold efforts that were taken to address the vice.

President Samia made the statement yesterday when addressing women at the Jakaya Kikwete Conventional Centre, in Dodoma.

During the event that was live broadcast, the president assured the nation of the government’s bold determination to continue fighting corruption and improve provision of social services.

She insisted that recording sustainable development depended much on integrity, hardwork and commitment.

“The fifth phase government made fantastic efforts on fight ing corruption and strengthening good governance, this has been also justified in various global reports on Corruption Perception Indexes (CPI),” said the Head of State.

“This has also enabled women to acquire accurate and reliable services on time; this is the way to go. My government maintains this spirit as we are determined and all out to bring development to all Tanzanians,” she noted.

President Samia was also quick to respond to challenges facing women including shortage of water as well as infrastructure related challenges in education and health sectors as mentioned earlier in a speech read by a representative of women in the meeting Ms Joyce Kashozi.

The Head of State reiterated that the government is determined to fulfill all pledges as stipulated in the 2020-2025 CCM’s election manifesto.

As part of attaining its Vision 2025, the government has pledged to increase access to improved sanitation to 95 percent by 2025. The manifesto has also set the target for access to improved sanitation facilities at 85 per cent in rural areas.

“Since independence in 1961, to last year, the government managed to supply water by 74 per cent. The remaining portion will be completed as planned,” she said, noting the government might even surpass the target by 2025 as part of the State’s efforts to end the water burden on women.

Recently, the Parliament approved a 680.3bn/- budget for the Ministry of Water, which focuses on addressing the problem of water shortage in the country.

Minister for Water, Mr Jumaa Aweso assured the public that there will be thorough and close monitoring as well as professional implementation of water projects.

The Minister noted that to exercise accountability, efficiency and timely implementation of the water projects, they have taken disciplinary action against 118 engineers for dubious and delay of projects.

In the same course, Mr Aweso said at least 59 contractors have been summoned before their professional bodies for disciplinary measures.

At the same time, he assured the Parliamentarians that the government is taking all necessary measures to minimize water losses from the current 36 to 25 per cent.


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