Kassim Majaliwa revives Memkwa to confront adult illiteracy

Kassim Majaliwa revives Memkwa to confront adult illiteracy
Kassim Majaliwa revives Memkwa to confront adult illiteracy

Africa-PressTanzania. PRIME Minister, Kassim Majaliwa has directed District Executive Directors to revive Complimentary Basic Education programmes popularly known MEMKWA as an attempt to reduce the number of illiterate adults in the country.

The premier issued the directives on Wednesday at the 50th anniversary of adult learning education held at the University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM).

“Use the classes to enable adults acquire various skills and basic literacy skills (reading, writing and arithmetic). All Councils should allocate funds to provide allowances to teachers who volunteer in these programmes,” said the Prime Minister.

He further said that the Institute should prepare special teachers and education officers who will be responsible for the programme.

“There is a big number of certificates and diploma graduates, who have not yet secured jobs. These can be recruited as teachers for these programmes, something which will enable the institution to have enough teachers at all levels.

He said the RCs and DCs are responsible for supervising all development issues in their respective regions and district, therefore they should make coordination of the classes as well as raise awareness on the existence of the programme.

Councils should also have a strong database for keeping students’ information and to provide information to Tanzanians on annual progress of the programme.


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