Leaders eulogize Rosemary Nyerere

Leaders eulogize Rosemary Nyerere
Leaders eulogize Rosemary Nyerere

Africa-PressTanzania. FORMER and current prominent figures in the country have described the late Rosemary Nyerere, daughter of the late Father of the Nation Mwalimu Julius Nyerere as a humble and intelligent person.

Former Prime Minister, Retired Judge Joseph Sinde Warioba who turned up at Mwalimu Nyerere’s Msasani residence to console the deceased’s family said the family lost a very important person, who besides being the daughter of the first president, lived her life like other ordinary people.

Former Minister, Mr Stephen Wasira who served in different portfolios in previous administrations, including in the era of Mwalimu Nyerere also identified the deceased as a very talented person.

Mr Wasira said he worked with Mwalimu for 30 years as the Regional Commissioner of Mara Region, enabling him to mingle with the family. “She was Mwalimu’s last born who demonstrated a big talent due to her intelligence,” said Mr Wassira.

He also noted that Rosemary once served as Mara Region’s Special Seat Member of Parliament.

Among the people who were seen arriving at the residence is the first child of the deceased, Eno Frank who arrived from Dodoma. Eno broke into tears when she spotted her mother’s photograph placed alongside the condolence book on the house’s entrance.

Other prominent figures who arrived at the funeral include the Deputy Minister of Land, Housing and Human Settlements Development, Dr Angelina Mabula, the High Commissioner to Tanzania in the United Kingdom Ambassador Asha Rose Migiro, and former Minister of Energy and Minerals, Eng Sospter Muhongo.

The rest included Kawe Member of Parliament Bishop Josephat Gwajima and former Minister of Home Affairs, Mr Lawrence Masha. Rosemary passed away on Friday evening in Dar es Salaam. Information on funeral arrangements were yet to be made public until.


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