Let’s own development projects, report cases of property damage

Let’s own development projects, report cases of property damage
Let’s own development projects, report cases of property damage

Africa-PressTanzania. THE government has been investing a substantial amount of money in infrastructural development projects that will ultimately play a vital role in speeding up of economic growth and improve people’s livelihoods.

But such an effort is derailed by a few unruly people who vandalise the existing infrastructural projects in the name of doing scrap metal business.

For example recently, the police in Morogoro Region arrested three people in connection with the stealing of an unspecified amount of steel to be used in the construction of the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR).

If not mitigated, the theft of the materials could result in operational challenges for technicians working on the more than the 7tri/- Dar es Salaam-Morogoro SGR Project.

The police in Singida Region arrested nine people for allegedly sabotaging electricity and water infrastructures.

The suspects are said to vandalise the infrastructure of Tanesco and Singida Urban Water and Sanitation Authority (Suwasa), which has caused a loss of millions of shillings to the government.

The stolen materials include five boxes of dropout fuses, 150 pieces of cross arm, 175 pieces of section strap, 17 pieces of eye bolts, 53 pieces of stay insulator, six pieces of base plate and 10 pieces of suspension material, 4 pieces of tension clamp bolts and five pieces of piercing connectors.

The above incidences indicate that we must remain vigilant because some people are deliberately vandalising the costly infrastructure like railway lines, bridges and road sign posts and selling such materials scrap metals, just to get money.

Such unethical acts need serious condemnation from any patriotic Tanzanians who want to see all development projects taking shape and implemented for the benefits of all.

We support law enforcers in condemning vandalism aimed at derailing government efforts to implement sustainable projects as one of the ways to uplift its citizens from poverty.

Following these incidences, the National Environment Management Council (NEMC) issued a strong warning to individuals engaging in the collection and selling of scrap metals without a permit that heavy punitive measures will be taken against them.

It is the responsibility of all residents and in particular those in areas close to the railway lines to play a key role in maintaining infrastructure which is costing Tanzanian taxpayers dearly during construction.

Therefore, Tanzanians should keep in mind that the implementation of infrastructural development projects is a prerequisite for economic development, and growth and it is for the benefit of all, and that is why each one of us must own the projects implemented in their areas and report to relevant authorities all suspected cases of vandalism or sabotage.


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