Mwinyi hails Zanzibaris for supporting GNU

Mwinyi hails Zanzibaris for supporting GNU
Mwinyi hails Zanzibaris for supporting GNU

Africa-PressTanzania. PRESIDENT Hussein Ali Hassan Mwinyi has hailed Zanzibaris for putting aside their political differences in favour of a united Zanzibar that focuses on bringing development to all.

He said it is encouraging to note that all Zanzibaris now recognize the fact that peace and unity are paramount in the country’s ongoing efforts to achieve its development goals.

“I would like to thank the people of Zanzibar for putting their political differences behind to pave way for our development. Peace and unity are vital in the country,” Dr Mwinyi said on Thursday after attending Friday prayers at Masjid Raudha.

The president told Muslim followers that he feels happy to be backed by majority of Zanzibar in building the country under the Government of National Unity (GNU).

Dr Mwinyi said that the toplevel of leadership in both the ruling and opposition ACT Wazalendo have willingly decided to work together for public interest, therefore all citizens should do the same, as he thanked them for ending the 2020 general elections peacefully.

He emphasized on the need for the country to remain united, prerequisite in achieving social, political, and economic development as he recalled that he vied for the Isles top position with the main objective of serving Zanzibaris.

Dr Mwinyi reiterated that his government is prepared to work towards the needs of the people, and this will be enabled by the sustainable peace and political stability, promising to implement all the promises he made during his campaign.

Sheikh Ali Fakih Abdallah who led the Friday prayers asked followers to support the ongoing efforts by president Mwinyi to build the country after the formation of GNU.

Meanwhile in a separate occasion, First Vice President, Maalim Seif Sharif Hamad reminded all civil servants, including executives to serve people equally because the new government has zero tolerance on any racial or political discrimination.

“If we had political conflicts in the past, it is now over. It is time to work under unity after disputes and conflicts delayed us,” Maalim Hamad said after Friday prayers at Masjid “Jumuiya ya Waraba’, Rahaleo area in the city.
He said that under a strong unity, a lot will be achieved, including finding solutions for challenges like the unemployment burden facing the country.


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