RC wants banking payment system for Manyara workers

RC wants banking payment system for Manyara workers
RC wants banking payment system for Manyara workers

Africa-PressTanzania. MANYARA Regional Commissioner (RC) Joseph Mkirikiti has called upon Manyara Sugar Company Limited to initiate a payment system through banks to all its employees.

RC Mkirikiti issued a one-month ultimatum for the system to start operating, directing the company to stop forthwith the cash payment system it had been using.

He said the banking system had many benefits – money safety, savings as well as employees getting enrolled in social security funds.

β€œIt is important that they are paid through a baking system. This will ensure the safety of their money, and they will save and have safe contributions in social security funds,” said Mr Mkirikiti.

The RC, who also doubles as the regional chairman of the defence and security committee, called on the company management to cooperate with regional authorities to ensure efficiency in sugar production that was in high demand in and outside the country.

He called on the company management to put in place good and long-term plans and liaise well with sugarcane growers as they needed badly the raw material and ensure all challenges were addressed as soon as practicable.

Manyara Sugar Company Limited Communication Officer John Jeu expressed concern to the RC over the news that a new sugar factory was about to be initiated in the same area, asking for the authorities to set aside a different place for new investors.

He alleged that it was to be established no more than a five-km distance from where Manyara Sugar was.

He said the coming of another factory in the same area would distract long-term plans they had, just a few months after they were hit badly by the Covid-19 pandemic.

RC Mkirikiti allayed such fears, saying he had not heard of that and what Manyara Sugar needed to do was just to work hard and continue with their plans.

Manyara Sugar Company Limited has employed 550 workers, out of them 394 are women. In sugar plantations there are about 400 growers. It produces 35 tonnes of sugar per day.


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