School heads directed on students to join A-Level

School heads directed on students to join A-Level
School heads directed on students to join A-Level

Africa-Press – Tanzania. DODOMA Regional Commissioner Anthony Mtaka has ordered all the heads of schools with advanced levels in the region to remove barriers and welcome all students selected to join Form Five in their schools this year.

Mtaka also called for abolishment of unnecessary contributions for students that could confuse parents and guardians.

“If there are any donations, then do not exceed the amount of 150,000/- for those matters which are necessary,” he expressed.

RC Mtaka made the remarks during his meeting with heads of schools held over the weekend to discuss various issues including how to accommodate incoming A-level students in the Dodoma Region.

RC Mtaka said that all schools have a responsibility to accommodate all the students enrolled in their schools, while they continue to wait for an official document on the removal of fees for Form Five and Six.

“All students who are selected to join Form Five in government schools within the region must be welcomed regardless of any circumstances,” he told the schools bosses.

Mr Mtaka warned school administrations against forcing students to buy all required items in school stores or specific shops of their choice. He ordered the headmasters to give freedom to the students to buy the items at places where they can get them at affordable prices.

At the same time, Mtaka called on Dodoma Regional Education Officers to work closely with all district education departments and school principals, to prepare a single joining instruction that will be used in all schools.

Mtaka said the move would create uniformity of requirements in all schools, which could even help parents to simply make preparations for their children to join their respective schools.

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