Scrap metal a saviour of the environment- Govt

Scrap metal a saviour of the environment- Govt
Scrap metal a saviour of the environment- Govt

Africa-PressTanzania. “Scrap Metal business has been one among the reasons why environment is clean all over the country,” said Deputy Minister, Vice President’s Office (Union and Environment), Hamad Hassan Chande.

Speaking earlier today at the Parliament in Dodoma, Mr Chande said that the scrap metal business has helped in removing wastes from the environment and thus created a clean and safe environment.

“The government has established regulations for the management of harmful wastes including the collection, transportation and storage of harmful waste apart from that the government has been providing various guidelines and educating the society on how to protect infrastructures.

The Deputy Minister added that the business has also contributed to the country’s economic growth and that the government has been keen in controlling the harm of both government and private infrastructures.

Moreover, he said that the government through the National Environmental Management and Council (NEMC) in collaboration with the police has been conducting regular inspections in different factories to help control the environmental destruction as well as putting the environment clean.


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