Simba committee refers Mkude’s case to hospital

Simba committee refers Mkude’s case to hospital
Simba committee refers Mkude’s case to hospital

Africa-PressTanzania. SIMBA SC Disciplinary Committee has said the decision to refer midfielder Jonas Mkude for medical check-up at Muhimbili National Hospital in Dar es Salaam will help them to make a balanced verdict of his case.

The committee which sat on Monday in Dar es Salaam failed to make the final judgement on the two indiscipline cases filed against Mkude and instead, referred him to undergo medical examination before concluding the case.

“We have reached at that stage upon seeing that the player (Mkude) has been repeatedly making the same mistakes for a long time that is why, we are seeking medical support from health experts. “He is going to meet with psychological and stress experts from Muhimbili National Hospital, who will examine him to see if he has any problems that drive him to commit the same indiscipline cases and thereafter, it will give us a clear path to follow,” said the committee’s Chairman Suleiman Kova yesterday.

Again, Kova pointed out that at this juncture, what Mkune need is not a disciplinary action but rather a medical support, hence the reason why they are sending him to meet the health experts.

“We have gone far to see how other big players in the world who underwent similar challenges were assisted and we hope that the committee has made the right decision to reach this far. “This will also give other teams in the country which experience the same indiscipline challenges from their players an alternative way to solve such cases,” he noted.

Moreover, the chairman revealed that there are many lack of discipline cases done by Mkude but not all of them reach the committee as they are resolved by other club leaders.

Queried on how fast the case is going to end, Kova said it will depend with the willingness of the player himself to go for the medical examination as recommended by the committee, while urging Simba members and fans to remain calm as they work out to end the case.

In a past interview, Kova unveiled the two alleged indiscipline cases as failure for Mkude to report to camp on May 18th and absence from attending training session on the same day.

Mkude has lately become the common name at Simba’s disciplinary committee, as this is not the first time this season for him to be summoned on allegations of lack of discipline.

This has led him to miss several key matches of the season and he was also dropped from the recently named Taifa Stars squad, which is in camp drilling for the international friendly match versus Malawi to be staged at the Benjamin Mkapa Stadium in Dar’ es Salaam this weekend.


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