Simbachawene warns govt workers forging documents to facilitate transfer

Simbachawene warns govt workers forging documents to facilitate transfer
Simbachawene warns govt workers forging documents to facilitate transfer

Africa-Press – Tanzania. GEITA: MINISTER of State in the President’s Office (Public Service Management and Good Governance), Mr George Simbachawene has directed civil servants who were transferred using fake letters to be returned to their original work stations.

Speaking to civil servants in Geita District, over the weekend, he said there were some unscrupulous officers in the Office of the President (Public Service Management and Good Governance) and Regional Administration and Local Governments who are involved in issuing fake transfer letters using forged signatures of permanent secretaries of the two dockets.

“We have identified fake transfers, some are given permission by people pretending to be government officers, others are being phoned by people pretending to be responsible for transfers,” he said.

He said the transfers using forged letters backfire because they fail to transfer the salaries of the employees to new working stations.

“Officials of the two ministries use fake signatures of the Permanent Secretaries of the two dockets. But they fail to transfer salaries of those workers, this is where problem starts.”

He instructed the councils to investigate suspicious transfers in order to identify the unscrupulous officials in the ministries and employees who have used the letters so they are immediately returned to their previous work stations.

“As I speak, anyone who had made fake transfer and failed to transfer his salary should go back to where he or she came from otherwise he or she will be fired,” he insisted.

“Some of them transferred themselves to bigger institutions. We have identified them, we will deal with them because this is not right, we will fire them,” he added.

Acting Geita Regional Administrative Secretary, Mr Herman Matemu, admitted to have received complaints that there were suspicions that some employees have been transferred from rural areas to cities, towns and municipalities using forged letters.

“The government is making a great effort to hire employees and fill the vacancies, but after a short time the government finds that all the employees have moved to another work stations.

Earlier, Director of the Geita Town Council, Ms Zahara Michuzi admitted that her office receives forged letters of transfer for employees who still do not have qualifications to get transfers.

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