State set to pay ward councillors

State set to pay ward councillors
State set to pay ward councillors

Africa-PressTanzania. IN recognising the commendable job, which is performed by the councillors in the country, the government is looking forward to ensure their statutory allowances are paid on time.

Minister for Finance and Planning said during the tabling of 2021/22 General Budget in the House yesterday that the government is aware of their devotion in serving the public and campaigning for development agendas.

He said ward Coucillors are doing a commendable job in overseeing development activities in their respective wards but it has been difficult for them to get paid on time.

“It is unfortunate that some councils have not been paying Councillors’ statutory allowances on time, compelling them to depend on the discretion of the executive directors,” he noted.

According to Dr Nchemba, the situation, in some occasions has been leading to moral hazards by causing occurrence of acts of collusion between Councillors and Executive Directors in in making decisions that are not of public interest. He said some Members of Parliament have been expressing the issue with strong feelings and that the government has therefore decided to take measures on the matter.

“I would like to inform this august House that the President has heard your voice and directed the local government Minister and myself to resolve the matter,” he said.

For some years, both the MPs and Councillors have been asking the government to consider paying them their allowances on time.


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