TRA campaigns for correct receipts issuance

TRA campaigns for correct receipts issuance
TRA campaigns for correct receipts issuance

Africa-Press – Tanzania. DAR ES SALAAM: TANZANIA Revenue Authority (TRA) Temeke Tax Region is out to educate the public on the importance of traders issuing correct Electronic Fiscal Device (EFD) receipts after a buying transaction.

TRA Temeke Region Manager Mr Emmanuel Maro told reporters on Wednesday that those receipts assist them in collecting correct revenues for the society’s wellbeing but still, the public hasn’t been educated well on its importance despite being in use for about ten years now.

“Using EFD receipts helps in collecting government revenues, helps in keeping records for all the business owners and helps in tax estimations that are correct and accurate in the businesses in the country,” Mr Maro said.

He added that they have a tendency to visit their customers in Temeke and see how the use of EFD benefits them and if there are challenges are worked accordingly.

“The people should be ready to assist us in collecting tax, so we want our customers to cooperate with us for the benefit of the entire society,” Mr Maro said.

He said that there is a tendency of business owners to give receipts with an amount different from the actual amount paid and he warned them to stop that tendency and those customers should not accept those receipts.

“There are some business owners who tend to ask their customers to print out EFD receipts at a lower price than the actual price and this is to participate in tax avoidance. It should stop because it goes against the law,” added Mr Maro.

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