AfricaPress-Tanzania: TANZANIA’s attractive investment environment has lured Austrian investors, with 13 having arrived in the country targeting to invest in various sectors, mainly agriculture, industry and health.

The Tanzania Investment Centre (TIC) expressed hopes that from the prospective investors, Tanzania would register key investments and boost capacity of the country’s private sector.

The TIC in collaboration with the Tanzania’s Embassy in Kenya coordinated the visit of the Austrian investors.

On Monday, the investors had meetings with the public institutions responsible for facilitating investments as well as members of the private sector.

TIC Executive Director Dr Maduhu Kazi told journalists yesterday that Tanzania’s investment experts had an opportunity to make presentations to the investors over the country’s opportunities.

Dr Kazi noted that since Tanzania climbed into middle income status, more investment opportunities have opened up.

The current number of Austrian companies in Tanzania have reached five and created 786 jobs for Tanzanians.

“We are now expecting more investments in agriculture, manufacturing, logistics and health,” Dr Kazi stated.

Austria’s Ambassador to Tanzania and Kenya, Mr Christian Fellner, accompanied the investors to the country.

“Tanzania has been one of Austria’s most favourite countries for investment…we are interested in supporting production and transferring technologies,” Ambassador Fellner commented.

He expressed commitment towards working with Tanzanians through a joint investment.

On his part, Tanzania’s Ambassador to Kenya, Dr John Simbachawene, said all 13 investors have been impressed with hospitality from Tanzanians and liked the weather too.

“They have been satisfied with the investment environment and expressed interests in investing in Tanzania,” Ambassador Simbachawene noted.

Therefore, he said, there were great hopes that they would come to invest.

Acting Executive Director of the Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TPSF), Mr Zachy Mbenna, said the visitors were very important for investment and empowering locals.

The TPSF was upbeat that these investors are going to partner with local companies in implementing strategic projects.

“Their visit is very crucial considering that the country is going to start the Third National Five-Year Development Plan from next year, which emphasizes an export-led economy, which requires an empowered private sector that can participate in the global value chain,” Mr Mbenna remarked.

He said through the joint partnership, Tanzania’s private sector will benefit from skills and technology from Austria.

This will make Tanzania’s private sector more powerful for meeting national and international standards he argued.


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