AfricaPress-Tanzania: TANZANIA Coffee Research Institute (TaCRI) remembers the late President John Magufuli for his dedication in empowering the organisation in research to generate quality coffee varieties.

In the fifth-phase government, TaCRI went to the next level in research and production of many new varieties of seeds that are resistant to diseases and pests and Dr Magufuli was one of the leaders who pushed for that.

The research and innovation paved the way for Tanzania coffee to fetch better prices at the world market, getting the country back to the grace era in terms of status of the crop.

TaCRI Executive Director, Dr Deusdedit Kilambo said Dr Magufuli has left an indelible mark in the sub-sector.

To date, TaCRI has come up with 23 varieties of coffee seeds, 19 being Arabica and four of them Robusta species that have been tested to be resistant to diseases, pests as well as to drought.

Dr Kilambo said the late Magufuli threw his weight to ensure coffee regained its fame for the country.

“The death of President Magufuli is a huge loss to the country, but specifically to us as coffee researchers and distributors of seeds and seedlings because the late president supported us a lot in that and we have seen the outcome in the last five plus years,” said Dr Kilambo.

Coffee is grown in 16 regions of Tanzania and Dr Magufuli was all along emphasising on people in respective areas to put concerted efforts in growing the once main cash crop, as he wanted to see more productivity and ensure quality produce.

“His government was a big stakeholder when it comes to dishing out funds for research and innovation and we believe that it is because of his directives, we have reached this promising level.

“We have gone out and met farmers as well as distributed the technology and seedlings to them,” said Dr Colombo.

The specialist commended President Samia Suluhu Hassan for ascending to the highest office of the country, asking her to have a look at different research institutes, especially those in the agricultural sector, so as to move forward positively.


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