AfricaPress-Tanzania: TANZANIA Industrial Research and Development Organisation (TIRDO) in collaboration with other research institutions is conducting studies to find the best nutritional mushrooms which can be produced by farmers.

The Deputy Minister, Prime Minister’s Officer (Investment) William Ole Nasha informed the House in Dodoma, when he was responding to a question by Kilombero Member of Parliament (MP), Abubakr Asenga, who wanted to know the government plans to attract more investors in the country who would grab opportunities available by cultivating mushrooms.

He urged the government to come up with a special programme to promote and attract investors to invest in the production of mushrooms using rice straws.

The lawmaker said that tonnes of rice straws produced annually in Kilombero ends up in rivers, dumpsites and people’s settlements, something which could have negative impacts to people’s health and sustainability of rivers.

The Deputy Minister further said that the government has been attracting investment in various sectors, including agriculture, pledging to continue attracting more of them for the country’s development.

He noted that mushroom cultivation on rice straws is essential and can transform the agriculture sector.

Mr Ole Nasha noted that the government efforts to encourage Kilombero residents to engage in mushroom farming using rice straws has enabled them to earn a lot from the business.

“The government is attracting investments through various strategies, including preparing investment guidelines for regions to identify investment opportunities of their respective areas,” he said.

He added that the government has also been organising conferences for local and foreign investors and improve business and investment environment in the country.

“The government and private sector have put efforts to promote agriculture, including mushroom production, and Tanzanians have responded well in using rice straws,” he said.

He cited Ifakara Town Council which produces approximately 11,125 tonnes of rice straws per year and used to produce mushrooms, animal feed, burning bricks, pots, creating stoves as well as cooking energy


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